Ed Hayward

Head of Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry


Scymaris’ analytical chemistry services are built on the recognition that method development and method validation is often the first and critical step, in enabling and influencing the subsequent biological tests. Scymaris understands the critical importance of both accuracy and timeliness in delivering these services. Our team is comprised of accessible and experienced scientists and study directors, working in a state of the art purpose built facility supported with the latest analytical instrumentation.

Analytical Chemistry Studies

With over 100 years of collective experience our analytical chemistry department is able to offer sample analysis for a range of industries including: agrochemical, pharmaceutical, industrial chemicals, veterinary medicines and more.

Our vast array of analytical techniques allow us to transfer our clients existing methodologies to our lab or, we can develop novel methods for your test substances. We can provide quantitative analysis for single component items to complex mixtures or UVCBs.

Physical-Chemical Properties Studies
Analytical Dose Verification

Scymaris’ analytical team can provide dose verification on all of the studies provided by Scymaris’ Environmental Fate and Ecotoxicology departments. We are also a preferred supplier of analytical chemistry support for other CRO’s and routinely offer GLP sample analysis as part of multi-site studies.