Scymaris creates 80 new jobs in Brixham Laboratory

Tim Derrington

Over 80 new jobs will be created by Scymaris – a new company that has relaunched the former Astra Zeneca Brixham Environmental Laboratory, Brixham, Devon, UK ­– following financial backing and support from Torbay Council and Plymouth University.

Scymaris has become the anchor tenant at Brixham Laboratory providing unrivalled environmental laboratory testing services to pharmaceutical, agrochemical and chemical industries across the globe.

“Brixham Laboratory is a world-class facility with a deep 65-year history of environmental laboratory testing including: aquatic ecotoxicology, environmental fate and biodegradation services,” says Tim Derrington, CEO of Scymaris. “We expect strong demand from customers, across Europe, US and Asia based on our ability to uniquely provide direct access to both marine and freshwater laboratory testing as well as environmental fate and product chemistry services. A number of environmental laboratory tests are generally required as part of the approval process for new pharmaceutical or chemical products. Understanding the possible risks and impact on the environment is critical. In October we will be meeting with several potential European customers who have asked to meet with us to discuss placement of several projects.”

Future growth in environmental laboratory testing is expected to be strong due to the ever increasing importance of environmental protection and the ongoing need for innovative new products in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries globally.

Scymaris is one of only a small number of testing laboratories across the world which has direct access to both marine and freshwater capabilities. Companies who wish to market chemicals, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals must obtain government approvals to do so which requires this type of specialised laboratory testing.

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