About us

Scymaris Ltd is based at the Brixham Environmental Laboratory site located in Devon, England where specialized laboratory services have been provided to the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries for over 65 years. We provide high quality and cost effective ecotoxicology, environmental fate, plant metabolism and analytical chemistry services to the global agrochemical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Our goal is to help our clients understand the lifecycle of chemicals in our environment and the impact this has on the ecosystem. The company is led by an experienced management and operations team.

The Efate Team

Emily Pratt

Study Director
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Emily Pratt has over 8 years of experience in analytical chemistry, method development, method validation, environmental fate and plant metabolism studies with extensive experience working with both radio-labelled and non radio-labelled test compounds, LC-MS, HPLC/UV/RAD, radio TLC, carbon analysers and liquid scintillation counters. Emily has significant experience conducting a large number of regulatory environmental fate and metabolism studies from screening studies (OECD 209) to higher tier (OECD 308 and 501) studies.